At one time in my younger life all I thought about was autocrossing as it was the only form of racing I could afford. I ran anytime I got the chance.

With that in mind the last convention I autocrossed at was the second one in Washington D.C. at the Montgomery Mall in 1973. That was over 33 years ago!

The absolute last time I ran an autocross was when I lived in Charlotte NC and that was 1974 at the famed Charlotte Motor Speedway, yeah, that speedway.

The local SCCA would stage one several times a year. You could not do that today.

When the day of the event came I hauled out to Lancaster Speedway about 15 miles north of Buffalo.

The layout used both a small inner oval and the larger main oval which made a nice flowing course.

The car performed very well and I was having such a good time I didn’t even care what my times were. Seth Emerson was co-driving my car and he did what he usually does, beat the owners time!

At least I did not hit any cones or lose my way on track for all three runs. I didn’t know how I did until the Convention issue Communiqué’ came out. Not too bad for the first time in a long time!


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