Engine Suspension Brakes Wheels & Tires Safety Interior Body Front Compartment DriveTrain

This area contains the 12 gallon Fuel Safe Enduro fuel cell with roll over valve and vent. A Holley Red fuel pump pushes the race fuel through fuel proof rubber hose and Push-lok AN fittings to a Canton replaceable cartridge type fuel filter to a 3/8” steel line routed in the tunnel under the floor to the rear of the car. There is an inertia cut off safety switch in the power wire to the pump. A fuel sample valve is located in the line just after the pump per SCCA rule.

A Wilwood aluminum dual master cylinder for the disc/drum brake system was installed and plumbed with 3/16” front and ¼” rear steel lines and AN fittings.

A ten pound residual valve is located in the rear line and a Braille ATM racing battery.

The rather large fire bottle resides in here also.

As previously mentioned, the trunk floor was rusty so my solution to the problem was to cut it out and replace it with an aluminum panel held in with pop rivets.  As stated before there was a cut out for remote oil cooler which is a Mocal 14 plate unit. Connections are -10 AN fittings and hose along with a thermostat in the engine compartment.  

For the electrical system I installed a Painless 8 circuit wiring harness made for a T bucket. It has more circuits than a race car needs but, I had it on the shelf. I mounted the main circuit 50 amp fuse on the dash so I could easily replace it if necessary.

I also installed my AMB transponder inside the outlet duct of the oil cooler. Here it has a clear look at the ground and is out of harm’s way yet easily reached. My original one went bad but was under warranty so they replaced it for free.

The front brake cooling hoses also pass through the front compartment.


Front Compartment Full

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