This issue contained a letter from CORSA founder, Richard Langworth, notifying the membership that he was stepping down from the organization after selling his only Corvair. The issue also contained a letter from Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts after their successful bid to host the first national convention.

CORSA News, Volume 1, Number 3

December '70 - January '71

November 13, 1970

Dear Fellow Members: I very much appreciate the almost unanimous endorsement you have given me on the recent ballot for the Eastern Division. However, I feel I must respectfully decline membership on the CORSA Board of Directors for these reasons:

1. CORSA is no longer a one-man operation. Thanks to the wonderful help of many interested individuals, it has farmed-out club responsibilities in what I think is record time for a club of its kind. CORSA has one of the best possible constitutions, which will provide the rules for applying this talent, and I think it would be presumptuous for me to continue directing all activities for this reason.

2.  I no longer own a Corvair. I sold my Monza to help buy my house. Anyone familiar with similar marque clubs - those with sophisticated constitutions that is - may recall that members of the Board of Directors are required to own at least one of the cars the club exists for. This fact was pointed out by one member when the constitution draft first appeared for CORSA, and the requirement has been inserted into the articles for the Board members.

Because he has effectively assumed the duties of Secretary, by handling production of all address labels, fielding membership inquiries and processing applications, and since the Secretary must be a member of the Board, I am stepping down in favor of Chris Smith, 2405 O'Neil Blvd., McKeesport, Pennsylvania 15130.

I again thank you for you confidence and hope I can continue to serve the Corvair Society of America.


Richard M. Langworth                                                              


                                           by Diana Brodman

This summer the Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts put in a bid to host the first National C.O.R.S.A. Convention in Chicago. We have been accepted. It is planned for the weekend of July 24 & 25, 1971. It will be held at the Arlington Park Towers in Arlington Heights, Illinois; which is easily accessible to two major interstate highways. We will be sending out reservation cards so each person can arrange your vacation in Chicago. The Convention Schedule is a business meeting (including commercial selling of CORVAIR parts and hopefully a women's schedule) on Saturday afternoon, a banquet Saturday evening, and an event Sunday which includes a concours then a gymkana.

We are receiving great cooperation from the hotel and the local CORVAIR people. All we need is you! The convention's success, both financially and socially, depends on the number of people who attend. We are signing contracts which guarantee at least 200 people. This means at least half of C.O.R.S.A. must attend. Please arrange your summer so you can attend, we need every one of you.

In the future this column will contain specific fasts about the convention. Anyone who would like to help to give their ideas can write to me at 1440 South 56th Court, Cicero, Illinois 60650. I would  really like to hear from everyone in the club.

Thank you.

Diana Brodman

National Convention Chairman

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