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Wheels & Tires

I am using a set of Bassett light weight stock car steel wheels measuring 15 x 8 on the front with a 3 ¾” back space and 15 x 10 on the rear with a 5.5” backspace. Wheels are painted Sunoco yellow. Lug nuts are 1” x 7/16” double end stock car type from Speedway Motors. These are required for the Bassett wheels as they lug centric.

Tires are Hoosier R6, P275/35ZR-15 on the rear which requires some clearancing around the upper spring perch and sheet metal.

Fronts are Hoosier R6, P225/45ZR-15 with no clearance issues.

All wheel well openings have rolled edges.

All of the wheel studs have been replaced with heavy duty 7/16 x 2” long studs.

For vintage events I use 13” x 7” Diamond lightweight pony stock steel wheels with a 3 ½” backspace.

Tires are Toyo Proxes RA-1, 205-60R-13 or Hoosier Street TD’s in the same size.

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Vintgage Legal Wheels

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